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Between Humber and Holderness

The Holderness coastline consists of a chalk bedrock that predominantly lies beneath a thick deposit of glacial till, a soft boulder clay that is being rapidly eroded as the North Sea continuously advances inland.

It is difficult to spend time in this littoral and liminal space without considering the alarming rate at which land is being lost; homes, roads, paths and pillboxes remain under the looming threat of the sea as it edges closer year on year.
a. left: grasses cling to the edge of the cliffs as the soft glacial till slips down onto the shore below  

right: structures and landmarks can be used as points against which the constant loss of land can be measured

b. a collection of twenty-eight unabridged transcripts of the shipping forecast issued throughout february 2017
c. paths on the clifftops skew and divert inland as the ground becomes unsafe and is eventually lost

d. roads that once connected communities are now halted as they spill out into the air above the sea